We wanted to spend time with other female artists in the city. To have conversations, do stuff together and get to know each other better; somehow get the camaraderie that seems to exist for male artists - but without the pressure or formality or context of an exhibition or gallery opening. So we set up a basketball team. Working out how to play together, and how to make a team happen, without skills, basic basketball knowledge, or any competitive intentions, we made a start. We bought a couple of balls, learnt how to pump them up, put our middle aged women’s running gear on, and asked some women who make art to join us. We were surprised how many did. First few times we got together we didn’t have a hoop, or a flat surface to play on. It was still fun. We booked a court (they’re massive) and roped someone in to coach us. We got to do something weird and unexpected and which we could talk about to each other when we went to the same events. 

We’ve started designing a kit from scraps of old t-shirt fabric, we’ve watched White Men Can’t Jump and when we can we’ll start playing again.

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