All Back to Carol’s

All Back to Carol’s was one of our earliest collaborations. When we were beginning to work out what we were creatively interested in, what we thought was important to happen, who we wanted to work with, what sort of platforms we wanted to create, how to work with each other and how much energy and resource we were prepared to put into stuff. It was a playful, thoughtful, celebratory exhibition, done on the hoof with no budget, calling in favours. It was messy, but respectful, we couldn’t pay people for their work but we worked out how to support and be generous in other ways.

We got the keys to an old pet shop, a local institution, up for sale, and temporarily empty. We sorted the space out a bit, painted floors, tried (and failed) to mask the smell of cat… Then we invited some women who we knew were making interesting work to be part of a one time only exhibition, and give the space one final hurrah before the developers came in.

The exhibition was open for a week and had a busy and popular launch which was attended by several dozen people and 2 dogs.